Hal Is Doing Technology

Mostly backend JavaScript to be specific, but there’s plenty of other stuff too.

My name is Harrison “Hal” Massey, and I spend most of my time manipulating electrical pulses in one way or another. I was last employed at Linux Academy, writing backend services on top of AWS Lambda and AWS ECS using TypeScript.

Previously I worked at Mediocre Labratories, best known for their daily deal site Meh.com. Those neat stats near the bottom of the page? I laid a lot of the groundwork for those. You’re welcome.

I have contributed precisely one commit to the Serverless Framework. Gotta usher in that beautiful FaaS-based future.


I have a MA in Emerging Media and Communications from the University of Texas at Dallas. I worked very hard on it, and I hope you’re proud of me.


I’ve made some Twitter bots. I keep a list of them here.